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Therapeutic Massage

During a therapeutic session, we will address a specific area in need and various techniques will be used to alleviate adhesions in the muscle and fascia. If a joint is feeling stuck, your muscles feel stiff, or if you feel muscular pain, therapeutic massage can help loosen and release tight muscles and reduce pain by using trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue, stretching, among other techniques. Therapeutic massage pairs well with cupping, as cupping will increase blood flow to the area after we have worked on it, helping to further reduce pain and tension. Ali has a passion for therapeutic massage, as the benefits of regular bodywork can have a profound effect on our quality of life for those of us living with pain.

You can expect your therapeutic massage to be relaxing even as a firm pressure is used, as Ali believes that relaxing the mind helps to relax the body, and thus allows us to sink in deeper.



Cupping, like massage, has a vast number of uses. Here, we will be focusing on bringing fresh blood to an area, as cupping lifts the superficial fascia and muscles to allow for more blood flow. This is typically done on an area where tension is felt, so as to release that tension. Cupping may result in a painless "bruise" where blood has pooled near the surface of the skin, which is completely normal and should not hurt. Learn more about cupping here.


Other techniques that you may experience in any session:

Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy (TP)

Myofascial Release

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